We have been taking yoga classes at school since September 2023. The classes are part of our regular curriculum and can be chosen in senior year as part of the « Option. »

Throughout the year, we have noticed an improvement in our concentration levels, which provides a valuable and relaxing counterbalance to the stresses of daily life in Première. It is also a great way to improve our physical condition, including strength, mobility and flexibility, and work on breathing techniques. As a class, we are always grateful and motivated to gain as much as possible through our weekly class. Our teacher recognized this effort by giving us the opportunity to participate in three different types of yoga classes outside of school, which she leads in her free time. We could choose between Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Hatha.


We participated in the hot yoga session. (Lynn, Naomi, Alex, Ada, Jeanne, Nora F., Lena, Lio, Lou)
As its name already says, it was very hot. (37 degrees!) Initially, the heat felt very comfortable, but it got intense throughout the session, and we started sweating a lot. 
We loved the studio’s atmosphere, and seeing ourselves in the mirrors helped us correct and improve our postures. 
We can all agree that the frozen towel at the end of the session was a clear highlight and perfectly rounded it off. 


We practiced Yin yoga for one hour. (Daphné, Sarah C., Sarah B., Sara, Léini, Mónica, Vanessa, Felix)

The ambient atmosphere was very calming due to the scent of essential oils and tea and the dim lighting. The people were very focused, and there was a feeling of well-being among everyone, which made us all feel welcome and comfortable. The soft bolsters we were given was also a nice touch to the session. The Savasana was even better because we had a blanket and a pillow.

After the session, we relaxed, drank tea and had a long and interesting chat with our teacher. 


We had the chance to visit a Hatha class in Strassen on a Wednesday evening.

(Kim, Nora C., Valentina, Eline)

The atmosphere was cozy due to the many candles. The dimensions of the room and the way it is designed is beautiful and we felt immediately at ease in this setting. The postures we performed were exhausting, but the music helped us focus. The class sequence was more intense than at school, which made it more challenging to keep up with the others. Nevertheless, our effort was rewarded with a splendid Savasana supported by a cozy blanket. 

 All in all, no matter what studio the students were given an opportunity to participate in a class, the responses were phenomenal, and we were all highly delighted that we had the chance to experience such a mindful and relaxing  or challenging adventure.

A big thank you from everybody to our fantastic teacher, Mrs. Seiwerath, Namaste

Yoga Class of 2023/2024

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