MegaMUN 2024

The debut edition of the Model United Nations Conference, organized by Lycée Michel-Rodange, emerged as a resounding success, uniting over 50 students and 20 educators from six European nations in the exploration of pivotal issues at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and modern democracy. Guided by the overarching theme of « DemocrAIcy, » participants engaged in insightful deliberations on the societal and political ramifications stemming from the rapid advancement of AI technologies.

Jointly orchestrated by students from Lycée Michel-Rodange, including Sara Vaccino, Thomas Jack, Victor Fola, Tara Mac Neill, Elisabeth Roth, Tom Dieschbourg, Charles Weimerskirch, Mira Zwank, Francesco Sofia, and their counterparts from « Institut de la Providence de Champion » in Namur, Belgium, represented by Lynn Dubois and Marie Perniaux, the MUN conference convened several committees, each dedicated to dissecting pressing global issues:

  • General Assembly: Deliberating on the imperative need for regulations governing the development and utilization of AI, with a focus on safeguarding humanity from potential threats.
  • Human Rights Council: Scrutinizing the prevailing state of internet censorship and the suppression of information, reflecting on their implications for fundamental freedoms.
  • Security Council: Confronting the aftermath of the military coup in the Republic of the Niger and strategizing concerted efforts to restore and maintain regional stability.
  • International Labour Office: Addressing the challenge of unemployment attributed to the proliferation of AI technologies, exploring avenues for mitigating its adverse impacts.

The conference commenced with an official Opening Ceremony, dignified by an address from Lycée Michel-Rodange’s headmaster, Jean-Claude Hemmer, complemented by welcoming speeches from esteemed dignitaries including Madame Yuriko Backes, Minister of Defence, Public Works, Mobility, Gender Equality & Diversity, and Madame Christine Pegel, Director of ANEFORE. The ceremony was musically accompanied by Luc Nilles and his LMRL Big Band and ended with an inspiring speech by the Secretary General, Sara Vaccino.

Culminating in a session held at the national parliament, the conference provided an unparalleled opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the intricate dynamics of diplomatic discourse and political negotiations within a simulated real-life setting. The plenary hall served as a fitting backdrop, fostering dynamic debates and authentic simulations of UN procedures. The Closing Ceremony, which was also held at the parliament, concluded with an insightful speech by the President of the General Assembly, Thomas Jack.

Over the span of three days, the conference served as a platform where young minds delved into the nuances of international relations through the lens of the Model United Nations simulation. This esteemed gathering not only nurtured diplomatic skills and critical thinking but also fostered collaboration among high school students hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Under the guidance of the MUN-Club teachers at Lycée Michel-Rodange, namely Sandra Droste, Sandra Galli and Patrick Brücher, delegates engaged in spirited debates, negotiated resolutions, and grappled with pressing global challenges, thereby echoing the complexities of real-world diplomacy. Moreover, the conference facilitated the establishment of international friendships and bonds, underscoring the enduring spirit of international cooperation and solidarity poised to shape the future landscape of global affairs.

Feel free to visit the website of the conference for more information:

Patrick Brücher, Sandra Droste & Sandra Galli

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