DNA — Englescht Theaterstéck

The 11th edition of the English Drama Option production DNA went live on 17th, 18th and 23rd March this year. Directed by Tony Kingston, the drama group outgrew itself during  its excellent first performance on Friday night in front of a packed audience.

Although the play was a thought provoking high school drama that could at times weigh heavily rather than uplift, the actors managed to slip into their roles with ease and enthusiasm. To mention some of them, there is Lucy, whose heart-felt portrayal of the victim Amy certainly touched a nerv, or Stéphanie as the naive girl going insane through complicity in a crime she could not understand. Whether the stoic, monosyllabic mastermind Phil, played by Lou, who obliviously kept cracking nuts  or tough Joe Tate, played by Julia, all members of the drama group gave their best to offer a deep insight into the minds of teenagers trying to save their skins and shirk responsibilty.

Congratulations to all ten students that worked hard to make the shows a success.

Save the date: Next year ODRAM will take part again in FEST in the Rotondes on 23rd and 24th February.

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