A few lines on a theatre outing in early December

A Christmas Carol


Once upon a time,

on a cold winter’s night,

some language students decided,

to learn about Dickens’s insight.


They hoped to ger into the Christmas mood,

and so in front of the Abbey Neumünster,

they stood.


Scrooge was as cold as ever,

but in front of the three ghosts he trembled in terror.

He was as cold as ice,

but facing Tiny Tim’s distress,

the old man finally became wise.


The comedians were acting and singing,

with the audience happily whistling.

The play filled everyone with joy,

be it girl or boy.


The students left extremely satisfied,

filing out once more into the

bright winter night.


Finally a big applause for the actors,

whose talent was one of the best factors.



Adapted for the stage by June Lowery – Directed by Tony Kingston

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