English Drama presents DNA

by Denis Kelly

When a group of teenagers bullying another girl goes too far, they are left with an unplanned death on their conscience. The group panics – but following the instructions of the quiet but commanding Phil, they decide to cover up their involvement. Will this actually bring peace to their confused lives and how do they move forwards? And how will they react when their decision has unexpected consequences for innocent people. How far will they go to cover up their guilt?
Dennis Kelly people calls society’s response to cruelty, bullying, peer pressure and pack mentality into question. Is our behaviour societal and learned … or is it inherent in us all, part of our DNA?

Karina Baumuratova, Cheryl Fairon, Christine Lüdde,
Lou Mergen, Giulia Parrilli, Nubia Sacré,
Stéphanie Schanen, Lucy Schmitz,
Eline Teixeira Oliveira & Mira Zwank

Friday 17th March 19:00 https://www.lmrl.lu/?seatreg=registration&c=865bc08c1c

Saturday 18th March 18:00 https://www.lmrl.lu/?seatreg=registration&c=e83661a6b2

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