International conference for students in Zaragoza / Spain!

The following LMRL students have been selected to participate in the international conference in Zaragoza/Spain in May 2015:

Tom Brinckmann 3 B

Cynthia Nobre 3C2

Leila Ondobo 3D2

Michelle Wolmering 3 E


Hope In


international conference for students in Zaragoza / Spain!

5th – 9th May 2015


The LMRL is member of the europroject, a  network of 18  schools from 17 countries meeting regularly at international conferences and students’ exchanges, like for  example the EOM conference at our school in May 2014, the Maths exchange with Danderyds Gymnasium /Sweden or the sports exchange with  the Wittekind-Gymnasium Lübbecke / Germany in 2015.

This year’s spring conference takes place at the Instituto de Educacion Secundaria Miguel Catalan, Zaragoza /Spain.

The topic of this conference is “How to help students with social or behavioural problems at school?”


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